Issue nr. 7 - 21/06/2016

Welcome to the first of the newly designed TOY Newsletters, which will be issued three times a year. Our goal is to provide you with news, links to the latest publications and resources, and upcoming events from the world of intergenerational learning. Our focus in TOY is intergenerational learning which involves young children and older adults and this is reflected in the content of the newsletter.

With this issue we are delighted to launch a series of blogposts that put the spotlight on intergenerational contact between young and old.

Happy to receive your feedback on our new look newsletter!

New publications

New series of blogposts 

Intergenerational relationships between young and old can take many forms depending on cultural and geographical context as well as beliefs about how the youngest and oldest generations should interact with each other.  The first of our new series of blogposts, which is written by Libby Lee-Hammond and Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett, researchers at Murdoch University, describes a project in Western Australia where young Australian Aboriginal children learn with the elders in their community.

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Upcoming events

In the coming months different aspects of the TOY Approach will be presented at important international conferences. 



In the beginning of September, the Irish partner organisation in the original TOY Project, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is facilitating a symposium on intergenerational learning at the 26th EECERA Conference, which this year takes place in Dublin, 31 August - 3 September 2016.  You can register to attend the conference here.

Child in the City

The TOY Approach will also feature at the 8th Child in the City Conference, which will be held between 7 – 9 November 2016 in Ghent, Belgium.  ICDI’s Margaret Kernan will be presenting a paper there titled: Together Old and Young: A new perspective of child and age-friendly cities

You can register to attend the conference here.

Global Intergenerational Conference

We are also happy to provide you with advance notice of the 19th Global Intergenerational Conference, which will take place 13-16 June, 2017 in Milwaukee, WI, USA. Stay tuned with the website of Generations United for the Call for Proposals.  See also Feature Organisations section below. 


Featured organisations

In every issue of the TOY newsletter we like to feature an organisation, project or initiative which actively promotes intergenerational relations.  We welcome your suggestions for future issues. In this issue we put the spotlight on Generations United, which is based in Washington, DC. 

Generations United

Generations United is the nonprofit organisation in the United States that promotes and supports intergenerational collaboration, public policies and programs. It puts the improvement of the lives of children, youth and older adults through collaboration with each other at the heart of everything it does. The Generations United website provides access to a very wide range of resources and topics on IG practice and policy. 

Of interest to the TOY Programme, for example is National Center on Intergenerational Shared Sites which was created and maintained by Generations United. Have a look at this video which Generations United have produced on the important topic of shared spaces.

For more information on Generations United, you can contact: Emily Patrick, Project Manager at Generations United:

Other updates

Call for papers

A call for papers is now open in The Journal of Intergenerational Relations, for a Special Issue on Intergenerational Learning and Education in Schools. We would like to encourage all of you involved in IG initiatives involving early childhood education settings to submit a paper.  You have a choice of writing a scholarly paper (up to 7000 words) or a shorter ‘from the field’ reflection (900-2000 words). The closing date for papers is 30th October 2016.  More details on how to submit here.


The TOY project was initiated and is promoted by International Child Development Initiatives - ICDI and currently funded by the Dutch foundation Dioraphte

 Contact: Margaret Kernan and Giulia Cortellesi, 

Together Old and Young will build age friendly communities!