Issue nr. 9 - 12/12/2016

It has been an eventful few months for TOY.  In October, TOY received an award by the Life Long Learning Platform. We also published a TOY Position Paper addressed to European policy makers. In November, we had the very successful launch meeting of the TOY-PLUS project in Leiden. This newsletter coincides with the latest TOY blogpost this time from Nicaragua. For more information on all of the above and more, read on. 

Latest News

TOY continues in Catalunya

TOY awarded for its creativity and innovation in lifelong learning

The TOY project was one of three initiatives awarded by the Brussels based Lifelong Learning Platform for its creativity, inclusivity and innovation in lifelong learning. The awards ceremony took place on 11 October in Brussels. The aim of the annual Lifelong Learning Award is to give visibility to innovative practices taking place all over Europe in order to attract public attention on lifelong learning as well as to inspire new practices and policies.  

New publications

Stories and Videos

What policy makers need to know about intergenerational learning


The TOY-Position Paper, “Together Old & Young: How should we live together” is designed to provide local and national policy makers with sound arguments as to why intergenerational learning is important and what local authorities can do to support and sustain contact between young and old for the well-being of all.

The Position Paper is downloadable here.  

We welcome your comments and reactions.

A new TOY Blogpost

TOY continues to inspire new intergenerational initiatives from around the world. Our latest blogpost comes from the child-rights focused NGO in Nicaragua called Asociacion La Amistad. 

They have been inspired by the TOY approach to give more attention to supporting positive relationships between grandchildren and grandparents who are their primary carers.

“We hope that everyone will recognize the contribution that each generation brings to society and from there find a way of living together that is healthy, respectful and appropriate for all stages of life”, Rita Sequeira, Director of La Amistad and author of the blogpost.

Read the blog here.

Recent and upcoming events

95-year-old teacher: an IGL programme from Seattle (U.S.)

TOY-PLUS launched at Kick-Off Meeting in Leiden

Representatives from all the TOY-PLUS partner organisations (universities, research institutes, NGOs and local authorities in 7 countries), as well as our external evaluator, Davide di Pietro came together in Leiden, the Netherlands for the 2-day TOY-PLUS Kick-off Meeting where we had lively planning discussions about the TOY-PLUS activities: an online curriculum and methodology in intergenerational work with young children and older adults  and the development  of an intergenerational certificate of quality (TOY Quality Stamp). 

TOY-PLUS is funded by the European Commission Programme Erasmus +.

Please visit the project page for more information on the project and for regular updates.

'Move and groove' sessions for young and old in Toronto

Bringing the TOY approach to the attention of town planners and architects

The Child in the City Conference in Ghent, 7- 9 November was a great opportunity to introduce the TOY approach to town planners and architects. The key message of the TOY presentation, given by Margaret Kernan, was that young children and older adults are the most marginalised and forgotten groups in city planning, to the detriment of the liveability of our cities. Why not consider spaces and opportunities for children and older adults to live, learn and play together as indicators of a good city?   

Read more here.

TOY featured at “Great Start in Life!” Conference and Exhibition in Brussels

TOY was one of the initiatives featured at the Great Start in Life!  Conference and Exhibition which took place in Brussels on 30 November. The goal of the event, which was hosted by the European Commission - Directorate General for Education and Culture and the Directorate General for Research and Innovation, was to bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners to support innovation to create the conditions for the best possible education and care in the early years.

TOY was represented by ICDI’s Communication Manager, Eugenie Polman, and Programme Manager, Remi Goossens.

TOY for Inclusion kicks off in Zagreb, 23 – 24 January 2017

The eight organisations involved in TOY for Inclusion will meet together in Zagreb, Croatia to get the ball rolling on the planning for the activities of the TOY for Inclusion project, which is being funded by the European Commission under its Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme.

TOY for Inclusion focusses on developing intergenerational learning activities in community based toy libraries involving both Romani and non-Romani children and older adults.  


International Child Development Initatives- ICDI

Margaret Kernan and Giulia Cortellesi 

Together Old and Young will build age friendly communities