Intergenerational Learning in Preschool and Elder Care Settings

January 17, 2018 |

In a world that appears to put increasing value on expertise and specialist knowledge over traditional forms of knowledge or wisdom, the process of becoming a more integrated human being requires knowledge that is created by all generations. Intergenerational (IG) practice offers the possibility of more balanced learning by drawing on the learning resources that are available in everyday life.

Carmel Gallagher and Anne Fitzpatrick wrote a paper that explores the level and sustainability of intergenerational practice in early years and elder care settings in Ireland. The paper is based on a small-scale research study involving interviews with staff in five organizations and builds on findings from previous research conducted for the TOY project. The paper examines the pedagogies involved as well as the community context of intergenerational practice in early years and elder care settings. The findings highlight that sustainable intergenerational practice is facilitated by strong pedagogies that support active and relational learning across the life course and by being embedded in robust community networks.

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