Irish intergenerational chorus goes online during COVID19

June 22, 2020 |

COVID 19 and all the restrictions it has brought, has seen many Intergenerational projects came to a halt. However, this has not stopped Donegal County Council’s Choir of Ages “Ceol le Chéile” in Ireland, which has always been about bringing young and older people together to build relationships and socially participate in something enjoyable.

Ceol le Chéile’s last day of rehearsal was the 6th of March and since then many members have being self-isolating at home.

To keep the social aspect of the choir going, the Donegal Age Friendly Programme sought out different ways for the choir engagement to continue. Their video where they sang the Bob Marley classic “Three little Birds” got its national and international premier on Sunday 31 May, leading the way at 11.00am for the Bealtaine Dusk Virtual Home Chorus which was followed by other choirs performing throughout the day.

Watch their video here.