TOY online course

TOY course about Intergenerational Learning for practitioners

Practitioners in early childhood education and care (ECEC), social care and community development work are more than welcome to join the online course Together Old and Young: An Intergenerational Approach.  

The four week course will contain four modules:

  • Module 1: Young and old learning together
  • Module 2: IGL for social inclusion
  • Module 3: How to organize an IGL programme
  • Module 4: Quality and sustainability in IGL

The Together Old and Young course will be freely available online from Autumn 2018, after the piloting phase.

During this phase, selected practitioners from 5 European countries (Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and UK) will be supported by skilled tutors and involved in the evaluation of the MOOC contents and structure. If you are based in one of the 5 countries and are interested in participating in the pilot phase, please contact

Practitioners participating to the piloting phase will also take part in an international training in Dublin (May 2018) with the purpose to enhance and enrich the social exchange and mutual learning tools provided by the MOOC.