Issue nr. 12 - 19/06/2018

A lot has happened in the first six months of 2018: the TOY Online Course was piloted, the TOY for Inclusion Toolkit was published and nine multigenerational Play Hubs were opened. We expect the coming six months to be just as exciting, so keep reading to discover more about the TOY Course, the TOY Webinar that will be hosted by the LEGO Foundation and much more!

Latest News

TOY continues in Catalunya

TOY Online Course ready to go public!

Piloting of the TOY Course in April and May, as part of TOY-PLUS was a huge success: 82 learners from Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Slovenia and Spain followed the online course and attended two workshops in their own country. 30 of the learners also participated in a week long international training in intergenerational learning (IGL) in Dublin.

There were many more people from different countries interested in participating, than we were able to accommodate in the pilot.

The good news is that the TOY Course goes public on 15 October 2018 and will be open to learners anywhere in the world.

It is a 4-module online course addressing the following topics:

• Young and old learning together;

• IGL for social inclusion;

• How to organize an IGL program;

• Quality and sustainability in IGL.

The course contains videos from different parts of the world, interviews with experts, readings, illustrated lectures, discussion forums, games and quizzes.

Click here to register for the course. 

TOY-PLUS is coordinated by ICDI  and is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme


TOY for Inclusion: 9 Play Hubs opened

The TOY for Inclusion project is in full swing. Nine Play Hubs have been opened in seven European countries, offering more than 1000 toys and games, and many intergenerational activities such as cooking, sewing, gardening, crafting, storytelling and reading aloud. Between January and March 500 Roma and non-Roma children became members of the Play Hubs, of which 80% are between 0-8 years old. More than 900 children and 400 parents and grandparents participated in the activities organized in the Hubs. 

In May, all project partners met in Budapest to evaluate the project so far and plan for the next round of activities. As part of this meeting, we had the opportunity to visit the Play Hub in Nagydobos, a small village in the North East of Hungary. Read our latest blog to know more about the visit and the Hub.

TOY for Inclusion is coordinated by ICDI and funded by DG Justice – European Commission and Open Society Foundations (OSF)

New publications

TOY for Inclusion toolkit

We are happy to announce that the TOY for Inclusion Toolkit is online!

Do you need inspiration to involve families and community members in designing meaningful ECEC activities?

The ‘TOY for Inclusion Toolkit – A step-by-step guide to creating inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Play Hubs for all generations’ is what you are looking for.

It provides all the necessary conceptual and practical information to enable trainers and practitioners from different sectors to set-up and run non-segregated multigenerational play spaces. The toolkit pays particular attention to social integration, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, and social inclusion in the context of ECEC.

Click here to download the Toolkit.


Intergenerational learning and cultural heritage

In April, the TOY chapter ‘Intergenerational Learning: A Tool for Building and Transforming Cultural Heritage’ was published in the Oxford Handbook of Public Heritage Theory and Practice.

Normally we associate the term ‘public heritage’ with architecture, archeology and museums, however it is now an interdisciplinary field where humanities and social sciences converge. In this book the editors speak about “public heritage” as a way of bringing together these emerging interconnected practices.

The last section of the book – Heritage, Memory and Well-being – challenges the familiar slogans and often empty clichés about the value of cultural heritage to the individual and to society. New insights into the influence of cultural heritage on society have been recently provided by advances in behavioral psychology, collective memory, and intergenerational learning. And it is in this framework that the TOY authors explain the benefits of intergenerational learning about heritage, for both older adults and young children.

TOY Blog

The Tokyo playpark: a landscape for all ages

The Tokyo playpark: a landscape for all ages

As part of their project “Moving Together - on the inclusion of elderly in the public space”, Danish architects Dominique Hauderowicz and Kristian Ly Serena paid a visit to the Tokyo Playparks, where intergenerational encounters take place on an informal basis. Read their reflections in this blogpost.

Read more

Upcoming Events

EECERA 2018, Budapest, 28-31 August

Margaret Kernan will be make a presentation about the TOY for Quality Programme at the 28th EECERA Conference, which this year takes place in Budapest, Hungary between 28th and 31st August 2018. The title of her presentation is: Together Old and Young: Developing quality intergenerational practice.

TOY for Quality is an assessment tool which provides information for practitioners working with Intergenerational learning initiatives to be able to actively assess and continually improve the quality of intergenerational learning services and programmes. It is currently being piloted by TOY partners in Italy, Slovenia and Spain and will be publicly available from October 2018. 

To attend the EECERA conference visit:

95-year-old teacher: an IGL programme from Seattle (U.S.)

Webinar about TOY for the LEGO Foundation, 19th September


We are pleased to announce that PlayFutures of LEGO Foundation will be hosting a Webinar about TOY on 19th September 2019 at 15.00 CEST. PlayFutures is an international community of practice and research about children’s play and learning. The focus of the TOY Webinar will be on how older adults and young children can play and learn together.

It’s not required to be a PlayFutures member to register for the Webinar. More information about the Webinar will be made available on PlayFuture’s Website, the LEGO Foundation Social Media and on TOY Website by the end of August.


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Together Old and Young will build age friendly communities