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Together Old and Young – TOY: young children and older adults learning together

The TOY project was initiated and is promoted by International Child Development Initiatives - ICDI.

The purpose of the TOY Programme is to promote intergenerational learning and create new possibilities for senior citizens and young children to learn together and benefit from each others’ company.  We believe that this is more important than ever before across the world. People are living longer but older adults and young children are having less and less contact with each other. Parents and grandchildren are migrating to cities and countries far away from grandparents.  >> read more



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TOY for Inclusion

TOY for Inclusion: Community Based Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) for Roma Children

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Old and young learning crochet in Play Hub Orehovica, Croatia

The enthusiastic involvement of a local women’s group in the Orehovica TOY for Inclusion Play Hub in Croatia has inspired an intergenerational crochet group there. Read how it all began in this blogpost by the Play Hub coordinator, Monika Kamenc and Marina Trbus, from Open Academy Step by Step, Croatia.

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The story of Mark and how TOY for Inclusion is supporting him

Mark is 8 years old, one of 8 siblings, and is Roma, like dozens of others in the community of Spišský Hrhov, Slovakia. Read the story of Mark written by his headteacher, Peter Strážik who describes it as an extraordinary case, a memento, a gesture and an example for many, which deserves our attention and reflection.

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