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Together Old and Young – TOY: young children and older adults learning together

The purpose of the TOY Programme is to promote intergenerational learning and create new possibilities for senior citizens and young children to learn together and benefit from each others’ company.  We believe that this is more important than ever before across the world.

People are living longer but older adults and young children are having less and less contact with each other. Parents and grandchildren are migrating to cities and countries far away from grandparents.  >> read more



TOY Research


Tells the story of the 13 TOY pilot actions which took place during 2014 in five European countries

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TOY in Action


Tells the story of the 13 TOY pilot actions which took place during 2014 in five European countries

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TOY Toolkit


A Training Manual for Intergenerational Learning Initiatives

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Supporting intergenerational relationships in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

In rural villages in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa grandparents, especially grandmothers, often take care of young children. >> Read more

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Intergenerational Learning on Country in Western Australia

This blog post, which is written by Libby Lee-Hammond and Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett, researchers at Murdoch University, in Western Australia, describes a project in Western Australia where young Australian Aboriginal children learn with the elders in their community.
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HER CHOICE - building child marriage free communities

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TOY Newsletter #8

Read our new Together Old and Young (TOY) newsletter about intergenerational learning:

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Blog Pakistan - ‘If I had my own column in a newspaper, I would call it ‘Personal Freedom’’

ICDI's Mathijs Euwema and Margaret Kernan went to Pakistan for HER CHOICE, a programme preventing Child Marriage. Mathijs wrote a blog about..

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Official opening NEST after-school programme refugee centre Burgum

Opening 'NEST' Burgum: after-school programme refugees aged 6-12 years old!

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