TOY in Action

This report tells the story of the 13 TOY pilot actions which took place during 2014 in five European countries (see map). The goal was to unite young children and older people in enriching intergenerational activities, improve social bonds and dismantle stereotypes.The actions were led and supported by local communities, municipalities and care services. During the actions schools, kindergartens and care homes were freed up to become resources for a wider cross-section of the population. As a result of the TOY pilots, their ability to engage with a broader public was enhanced and their value as a resource for the whole community was developed.

The benefits to both generations were demonstrated by improved mutual understanding, a reawakened interest in local culture and traditions and deeper community engagement. Older people reported that contact with children improved their feelings of wellbeing and that they derived great satisfaction from sharing their knowledge and experience with the children.
To demonstrate the success of the TOY pilot actions we have assembled photographs, drawings, videos and testaments from participants and we encourage you to visit the photo galleries of each initiative.  Contact details for local organisers are provided, and you can visit the TOY Project website for more information about future events and activities. There is also free access to all the TOY publications.