TOY online course


Are you interested in bringing older adults and young children together to share knowledge, skills, values and have fun?
Would you like to participate in a university accredited learning programme to develop your skills in intergenerational learning?

If yes, then the revised TOY Online courses are what you are looking for!

More than 800 learners from 40 countries have already taken part in the original TOY Online Course, ‘Together Old and Young: An Intergenerational Approach’ that was launched in 2018.

Beginning September 2021, we are offering the TOY Online Course in two ways:

  • a free 2-module introductory ‘mini’ course for those looking to get a taste of what intergenerational learning is about
  • a new expanded and university-accredited 10-module programme called: Together Old and Young: Innovative & Digital approaches to Intergenerational Learning and Practice.

The 8-module accredited course will include live forum sessions with guests, tutoring, and lots of new content such as:

  • connecting generations using technology
  • age-inclusive public space
  • the impact of the COVID pandemic on intergenerational learning involving young children and older adults.

On successful completion learners will be awarded a Hellenic Open University Certificate of Further Education in Intergenerational Practice with 5 ECTS (under the European Credit Transfer System).

The 2-module ‘mini’ TOY Online Course will take place from 13 to 26 September 2021.

The 10-module TOY Online programme will take place from 4 October to 12 December 2021.

Registration for both will open 6 July 2021.

NOTE: It is not required to do the ‘mini’ TOY Online Course to register for the accredited 10-module TOY Online programme.

Tuition fees:

  • 2-module ‘mini’ TOY Online Course: Free
  • 10-module accredited TOY Online Programme: Euro 230
  • Reduced fee for those who successfully completed the 2018-2020 TOY Online Course: Euro 150                                

More information including entry requirements, outline programme and application process will be available in May 2021.

To make time to develop the new programmes, the scheduled March-April 2021 TOY Online Course will not now take place.  It will be worth the wait!