New Manifesto “Intergenerationality Adds Up Lives” launched today

April 29, 2020 |

Marking 29 April, EU Day of Solidarity between Generations, our friend Mariano Sánchez and fellow intergenerational practitioners in Spain have today launched a Manifesto called ‘Intergenerationality Adds Up Lives’ which they are presenting to the Spanish government.

In this unprecedented public health crisis the Manifesto outlines proposals for a new model of society which includes:

  • promoting of intergenerational contact between people of different ages, especially between children and young people and the elderly.
  • adopting of the intergenerational perspective as an alternative to specialisation by age as a new way of facing challenges and adopting solutions from an inter-age perspective in their design.
  • valuing, recognizing and intensifying familial intergenerational relationships, highlighting their role in the development of affectivity and care in our communities, as well as to
    promote nonfamilial intergenerational programs and actions, connecting and complementing both realms of services and public spaces.

Read the complete Manifesto here.

As TOY programme coordinators we welcome and support the sentiments expressed, many of which are also reflected in the articles in the latest TOY newsletter also published today.