Share A Story: Children’s Books Ireland launches IG reading guide

April 26, 2022 |

Share A Story: Children’s Books Ireland launches intergenerational reading guide with Together Old and Young (TOY), Hibernia College and Generations Working Together 

Curated reading guide for educators of children 0–12 promotes building of intergenerational connections through shared reading.

Today marks the first day of Global Intergenerational Week. Taking place from 25th April – Sunday 1st May, this week connects older and younger generations to reach new understandings and inspire empathy.

Stories have the power to bring people of all ages together, creating a moment of shared warmth and imagination. To help early years educators and primary school teachers celebrate this global moment of intergenerational unity, Children’s Books Ireland, Together Old and Young, Hibernia College and Generations Working Together have compiled a reading guide of books that are perfect for this very purpose.

Share A Story contains nearly 30 books that reflect these positive intergenerational connections, featuring a diversity of friendships and relationships between old and young, as well as giving insight into the universal aging process.

Alongside these excellent book reviews, the guide provides a list of expert tips for adults, from avoiding stories with stereotypes to starting conversations with children about the older people in their lives.

Margaret Kernan, from TOY Project and Hibernia College, said:

‘There are many forms and benefits of nurturing relationships between children and older adults. We’ve created this guide for anyone wishing to explore and experience these connections through story and children’s books. Our hope is that Share a Story will also inspire early childhood educators and primary teachers to see new possibilities for intergenerational learning in their communities.’ 

Elaina Ryan, CEO of Children’s Books Ireland, said:

‘The bond between children and older family members is such a special thing. Sharing a story is another way for children and young people to connect with their grandparents, great-aunts and -uncles and other older people in their lives. We’ve chosen a selection of excellent books that feature intergenerational friendships which we hope will be enjoyed by readers young and old.’ 

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