TOY for Quality

Assess and improve the quality of your IGL initiative with TOY for Quality!

TOY-PLUS is happy to launch an intergenerational quality assessment tool (TOY for Quality) with agreed dimensions of quality for educational and care services.

What is TOY for Quality?

TOY for Quality is an assessment tool which provides information for practitioners working with Intergenerational Learning initiatives to be able to actively assess and continually improve the quality of Intergenerational Learning services and programmes. Through the development and dissemination of TOY for Quality we intend to:

  • to support improvements in the quality of existing intergenerational initiatives and services;
  • to provide organisations with a method to enhance planning in the field of Intergenerational Learning;
  • and, to raise awareness at the local and national level about Intergenerational Learning as an area of professional and social action.

We provide technical support and advice to embed Intergenerational Learning involving young children and older people in their social and educational policies, training and activities.

The six dimensions of quality which form the basis of the TOY Quality Stamp are: 1) Building relationships and well-being; 2) Respect for diversity; 3) Interaction with and within the community; 4) Learning with and from each other; 5) Professional development and teamwork; 6) Monitoring, evaluation and sustainability.

Who is  TOY for Quality for?

This tool is for use by practitioners and organisations engaged in any stage of planning or implementation of Intergenerational Learning initiatives. This could include service providers in ECEC, social care, and community work, as well as local authorities offering Intergenerational Learning programmes and initiatives. All are welcome to be part of the TOY for Quality Programme.

What's in it for you?

By participating in the TOY for Quality Programme:
● Your organisation will be a pioneer in assessing the quality of intergenerational learning initiatives and you can demonstrate their potential.
● Staff, volunteers and beneficiaries in your initiative will be supported to reflect on their practice and improve the quality of intergenerational learning activities.
● Your initiative will be mentioned on the TOY website and you will be free to mention TOY in your own communications.
● You will be part of an international community of practice and have access to the TOY resources, including publications and a free upgrade on the TOY Online Course ( in intergenerational learning.
● You will be recognized in your community as an organisation delivering quality intergenerational initiatives.

How does it work?

The TOY for Quality Programme is organised into two documents:
● The Guidelines provide information about the TOY approach and explains the 5 stages of the TOY for Quality Programme.
● The Assessment Form, which comprises the six quality dimensions, their indicators and reflective questions which are used during the assessment process. The Assessment Form will be made available to organisations once they have registered for the TOY for Quality Programme.

Download here the brochure and the guidelines with more details about the process. 

Make contact with the TOY mentor based in your region, and ask to participate in the TOY for Quality Programme! 

Countries TOY Mentor contact


Italian speaking countries

Azienda Speciale Retesalute

Piazza Vittorio Veneto 2/3 – Merate (Lc)

Tel: +39 039 2264754

Contact language: Italian


Spanish speaking countries

Ajuntament de Lleida - Regidoria d’ Educació

c/ Bisbe Torres, 2-25002 Lleida

Tel: +34 973 700 618

Contact language: Catalan and Spanish





Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education (Educational Research Institute)

Tel: +386 14 29 20 20

Contact language: Slovenian and English

English speaking countries

All other countries

International Child Development Initiatives – ICDI

Hooglandse Kerkgracht 17-F, 2312 HS Leiden.

Tel: +31 71 512 7420

Contact language: English