‘Generations Growing Together’: a Handbook for IGL Practitioners and Trainers

The Handbook, written by Dr Anne Fitzpatrick, reflects the latest research on IGL and young children, and this, combined with lessons learned from educators experienced in implementing IGL in their ECEC services, is a key strength. It is structured so that users can dip in and out, depending on their needs.

Each section presents an overview of the topic, as well as reflective questions and signposts to additional resources.

The Handbook opens with an overview of IGL and the benefits for young children, older adults, educators and families. The next section focuses on the key role of the educator, which is crucial in the successful implementation of IGL. Educators implementing IGL are knowledgeable, flexible and visionary acknowledging children and older adults as both learners and teachers. Important values and attitudes required of the educator in implementing IGL are outlined in detail, as well as essential skills and competences.

Three very practical sections on planning, implementing and evaluating IGL practice follow. Key steps in the planning process are outlined including how principles of IGL align with international curricular frameworks. This is followed by an overview of tried and tested experiences and materials used by educators in implementing IGL successfully in ECEC services.


Dr. Anne Fitzpatrick is a founding member of the ‘Together Old and Young’ (TOY) consortium (2012-18), which promotes intergenerational learning between young children and older people. As part of the TOY project, she participated in the development of the online TOY course on intergenerational learning. Intergenerational learning as a pedagogical strategy in Irish ECEC services was the focus of Anne’s doctoral studies. She previously worked as a lecturer in early childhood education at the Technological University Dublin and also worked in a variety of ECEC services in both the community and disability sectors.