The TOY4Inclusion Toolkit on Inclusive Community-Based ECEC

The ‘Toolkit on inclusive community-based ECEC’ is a new resource for practitioners in any non-formal setting for children 0-8 years old interested in strengthening inclusive education. With this Toolkit, practitioners will be able to promote play-based activities that are suitable for all children, organise the play and learning environment and groups relationships in an inclusive way, and work with caregivers in a respectful and effective way.

The Toolkit is divided into two main documents. First, the Handbook of inclusive community-based ECEC, which has four chapters. The first chapter introduces the concept of playful learning and provides knowledge on how to organise the physical environment for inclusive activities. The second chapter focuses on strengthening cooperation between the home, schools and other services. The third chapter emphasises how to support parents through guided activities and how to engage fathers. The last chapter offers guidelines for practitioners on how to deal with domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, in case they face these issues.

Additionally, the Toolkit includes more than 30 Activity Cards to be used by practitioners in the Play Hubs and any other non-formal service to promote inclusive formal and non-formal education with young children (0-8 years old) and their parents, paying special attention to children with disabilities and special needs.