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A Glimpse into Norwegian Intergenerational Practices

Livsglede for Eldre or Life Joy for the Elderly,  began as a volunteer initiative in Norway in 2005 to bring joy to older adults in their own community. It has since become a human rights-based national certification system for nursing homes. Read on to find out more about its intergenerational work.

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The Immeasurable Gains of Intergenerational Learning

September 19, 2023 |  Bernie Pentony

Working closely with families and communities is an important part of early childhood education. Therefore, intergenerational learning would seem to be a natural ‘fit’ for early years services, something that struck Bernie Pentony, an early year’s educator in Ireland.

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An intergenerational perspective from the Philippines

June 7, 2023 |  Czarecah Oropilla

“We did not realize that our everyday lives are worthy of being studied” 

Multi-generational households are a feature of life in the Philippines. Drawing inspiration from Filipino psychology (Sikolohiyang Pilipino), Czarecah Oropilla reflects on intergenerational relations in the Philippines with a particular focus on young children and older adults. 

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Insights from the Ugandan Grandmothers Programme

“My goat produces double, I will sell one to pay school fees for my grandchild”

Due to a variety of circumstances, grandmothers become the sole carers for their grandchildren. This happens across the globe and often goes unrecognised by governments despite the critical roles these women play in children’s lives.

A blog by Carmel Gallagher and Jostas Mwebembezi.

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Super Shed Intergenerational Stories and Children’s Well-being

January 11, 2023 |  Samantha Hallows

Building on her Super Shed Stories digital storytelling innovation, Samantha Hallows together with her student film-maker son Aaron Hallows is now producing online stories with intergenerational solidarity themes in mind. Read her blog to find out more.

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