TOY for Inclusion inspires participants at the Erasmus+ event

June 27, 2019 |

ICDI was invited to present TOY and TOY for Inclusion as a best practice in the field of social inclusion by the Erasmus+ Dutch National Agency this week. The Agency organised a 3-day Transnational Cooperation Activity in Wageningen (Netherlands) with more than 90 participants from 16 EU countries on this topic.

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TOY features at ‘Bridging Generations’ Conference in Portland, Oregon

June 25, 2019 |

Between 12 and 14 June almost 400 experts in intergenerational practice gathered in Portland, Oregon for the biannual conference organized by Generations United and cohosted by Bridge Meadows Intergenerational Communities,Bridging Generations‘, titled  The participants– activists and academics, practitioners and volunteers – were mainly from the United States of America.

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TOY for Inclusion presented at the ISSA pre-conference workshop

June 17, 2019 |

On 17 June, 20 ECEC experts from 15 countries took part in the ISSA pre-conference workshop titled ‘From Hard to Reach Families to Easy to Reach Services’, co-organised by ICDI and JES Rijnland.

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Intergenerational experiment reaches Dutch television

April 18, 2019 |

The Dutch version of the intergenerational experiment titled ‘Old Peoples Home for 4-Year-Olds’ is currently being broadcast on the Dutch national TV station NPO 1. The 4-part documentary series is called ‘Kleuters Tegen Kwalen’ or Toddlers preventing illness is following the same format as the original Channel 4 series which was a TV sensation in the UK in 2018.

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TOY for Inclusion features on European Commission newsletter

April 5, 2019 |

The TOY for Inclusion project was chosen by DG Justice (Rights Equality and Citizenship Programme) as one of the two best practice project to be highlighted in their first ever newsletter.

It’s four thousand the total number of children involved in the TOY for Inclusion Play Hubs throughout Europe so far. In the next two years, TOY for Inclusion will open eight new Play Hubs and expand to two new countries.